For the first time, the name of duty: Warzone, black Ops, Zombies and contemporary war storylines are all linked

It means the worlds of Warzone, contemporary warfare, black Ops and Zombies appear canon inside a single universe.

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This week, developer Treyarch released a new map for atramentous Ops cold warfare s hugely typical Zombies mode referred to as Firebase Z.

Now gamers have had a chance to run during the map, they ve discovered a bulk of Easter eggs as well as an ending cutscene that connects to infinity area s modern battle sequence.

The catastrophe cutscene revolves around a character referred to as Lev Kravchenko, who s revealed as leader of Omega neighborhood. Watch the ending cutscene in the video beneath from YouTuber MrRoflWaffles:

Kravchenko is an extended-operating atramentous Ops series antagonist who looks in the Nineteen Eighties-set black Ops cold war as a slightly minor personality within the ninth crusade mission, desperate Measures. right here, inside the KGB headquarters in Moscow, the participant meets with above Soviet abutment chief Mikhail Gorbachev, Kravchenko and good friend Imran Zakhaev, ancestor of champ Zakhaev, aka the abstruse Z from s contemporary conflict video game and the leading adversary of Warzone.

try Imran Zakhaev in black Ops bloodless warfare within the video beneath, from YouTube channel ordinary Gaming:

players had already connected atramentous Ops to modern battle afterwards recognizing Imran Zakhaev within the bloodless conflict campaign, acknowledging each sequence and naturally Warzone, which continues the up to date struggle storyline, bewitch location within the equal universe and timeline. Now, the realm of Zombies slots in, with Kravchenko s look in the new map s catastrophe cutscene and his affiliation with Zakhaev attached the worlds collectively.

black Ops integration into fight royale behemoth Warzone potential the streams have been beyond for some time. Seeing atramentous Ops sergeant woods join armament with contemporary conflict s Captain price became atypical at the start but general now.

but the suggestion here is that beneath the abrasive accuracy of the modern struggle sequence and the paranoia of atramentous Ops lies the existing Zombies legend, swelling the name of duty canon.

in the meantime, this ending cutscene suggests the next Zombies map is determined within the Ural mountains. black Ops bloodless battle has a Fireteam map referred to as Ruka it s set within the Ural Mountains, and it has a campaign level set in arise Yamantau, a Russian nuclear ability located inside the Ural Mountains. The plot thickens.