PUBG Mobile India launch date, PUBG Mobile Korea version - Latest updates

We know that PUBG Mobile has released several region-specific variants to cater to the users from the respective countries and PUBG Mobile KR, or Korea, is without doubt a very popular version of the mobile game.

PUBG Korea offers a nice collection of in-game cosmetics and features a unique currency called the Donkatsu Medal. It is to be noted that this currency can be used by the plauers to purchase crates. But PUBG Korea s developers recently made a surprising announcement regarding the availability of the game in other countries and the developers left everyone stunned by announcing that the accessibility of the would be restricted to only the two legal countries - Korea and Japan.

The announcement post on the official social media handles of PUBG Mobile KR said the following, “The KRJP build is a version of local service for users living in Korea or Japan. For those living in other countries or regions, your local version or global version is available.”

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile India was banned by the Indian government in September due to data privacy concerns. While PUBG developers are yet to make any official announcement regarding the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India, speculations are rife that PUBG Mobile India would be relaunched soon. The possibilities of the game’s return have increased due to constant job listings by the company on LinkedIn.

AFK Gaming recently reported that Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hyunil Sohn have been registered as the directors of PUBG India Pvt. Ltd. Hyunil Sohn is the Head Of Corporate Development at KRAFTON .