5 best tips to increase headshot percentage in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite s increasing player base has led to many new players joining the game lately.

With an increase in active players, the competition is also escalating very quickly. One of the best ways to gain the upper hand over the others is to make accurate headshots.

This article looks at some of the best tips that players can follow to make more headshots and increase their headshot percentage in PUBG Mobile Lite.

The first thing players should do is figure out which control works best for them. PUBG Mobile Lite lets players manage their character with two, three, or four fingers. Each option has its pros and cons, so players should experiment with them to find a suitable fit.

After getting the proper fit, they should stick to that layout, as changing controls can often muddle up the gameplay.

Players must find their optimum sensitivity as it improves the aim and recoil of a weapon and aids in performing better headshots.

The Camera sensitivity is responsible for the major camera movement and horizontal recoil. The ADS Aim Down Sight sensitivity is responsible for the vertical recoil. Players can also use a gyroscope to get easier control over their aim. It detects the motion of the device and helps in controlling the recoil accordingly

If players adjust and find the best sensitivity for their device, performing headshots will become a piece of cake for them.

In PUBG Mobile Lite, Sniper Rifles play an essential part in increasing the headshot percentage of a player. With Sniper Rifles, players usually have to take down players by executing accurate headshots over long ranges.

Hence, playing with SRs can significantly add to the headshot percentage statistics of a player.

Weapon attachments play a crucial role in reducing the recoil of a weapon and hence, improving the headshot accuracy. Attachments like compensator Muzzle, vertical foregrip Foregrip, and tact stock Stock can significantly reduce the recoil of a weapon.

Thus players must equip these attachments to improve their headshot accuracy on the battlefield.

Players must train daily to improve their headshots. They can practice on the training ground or even practice in the Arcade mode to get a more realistic feel of delivering accurate headshots.

Note: These are some of the tips that the writer finds beneficial. Every player has their gameplay preferences.

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