PUBG Mobile Update: Battlegrounds Mobile India, check this IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT on pre-registration - full details here

PUBG Mobile Update: The gaming enthusiasts cannot keep their calm about the release of the Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country. There has been a lot of buzz and hype among the gaming fans. The pre-registration of the game also began from May , . The game has achieved certain milestones even before the launch of the game in the country.

According to a Sportskeeda report, on the opening day of pre-registration, Battlegrounds Mobile India received . million pre-registrations, and it even crossed million pre-registrations in just two weeks. The developer of the game, Krafton also offers free in-game goodies and rewards specific to the Indian region for players who pre-register themselves for the game. Recently, CH Kim, CEO of Krafton ., expressed his gratitude to the Indian gaming community.

He said, We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Indian fans for their overwhelming response to the Battlegrounds IP, first developed by me and my team in . The Battlegrounds IP received love and acclaim from players worldwide, and KRAFTON will continue to build on the IP. That effort includes bringing amazing content to Battlegrounds Mobile India and providing an incomparable battle royale experience to our players.?

As per various reports, Battlegrounds Mobile India will come as an exciting package for the Indian users. This new release from Krafton will come with exclusive in-game events like outfits and features. In addition to that, the new game will have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues. Though it is expected that the battle royale game will be similar to the original PUBG Mobile in most of the aspects, the possibility of a little change here and there in the Indian version of the game cannot be totally avoided.

At present, the pre-registration of the game is going on. The gaming enthusiasts who will be pre-registering from android phones will be able to do the same from Google Play store.

Notably, the Indian government had banned PUBG Mobile India on September , , due to data privacy concerns under Section A of the Information Technology Act.