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Get Online With The Compelling Dragonica Game


The Dragonica game is a side-scrolling massively multiplayer online game that is rocking the virtual world of 3D games. Created by Barunson Interactive, Dragonica seeks its players to become the best combatant. You are expected to stand beside the dragonians in the battle against the forces that threaten the world.


To start playing this game, you must first register and create a game account. Go to their official website and enter the information being asked such as account ID, password, e-mail address and identification number. Your ID must be unique; the site will check on its availability to avoid duplicity of account ID.


Your identification number is used to validate your identity for game support. Be assured that this information is kept in confidence. Part of the registration for Dragonica game is to provide your gender, date of birth and country residence. These are all mandatory. However, the details on your mobile phone and promotion code are optional.


Before your application is submitted you must first enter the validation code as shown on the designated box. Then click on the small box for your consent. After creating your account, you log in and choose the game Dragonica to activate it because there are many free to play video games on the site.


There are six servers in Dragonica. Each server has 12 channels. After you have selected your server and channel, creating your character is your next move. You can choose from four characters. There is a warrior, a magician, an archer and a thief. You can create up to 5 characters per Dragonica game account.


Each character can be customized according to hairstyle and color, skin color, and facial features including the shape. A warrior is known for his brute strength and battle-hone wits. He can be promoted to gladiator as he levels up.


The magician is skilled in casting spells. He can also burst damage with long rage spells. The magician's drawback is his weak health. The archer is equipped with a long range projectile arsenal. He can shoot down enemies from great distances. His weakness is shown in group battles. He is better off working on his own.


Using his burst power, a thief can inflict great damage to his opponent. He has better melee attack skills in comparison to other warriors. He can become invisible against monsters and players. However, the thief can be vulnerable and get killed easily.


You can use the map of the game to access beautiful places, and to work on upgrading your skills and levels. To be successful and truly enjoy the game, it is best to choose one character, and focus your time in honing his skills and upgrading his weapons.


Take and complete the hero quest. It is a good training ground for all characters in the Dragonica game. Unlike what most players advised, I recommend taking the 7 side quests despite its lack of rewards. Do the grinding mission quests; it automatically renders some side quests, like killing mobs and hunting mob items.


In the Dragonica game, it is wise to do your mission quest as a party. The experience points are greaterBusiness Management Articles, and it makes your leveling up quicker as well. Make use of your skills and master them. Your favorite weapons should be refined as well.

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A Better Insight for Video Game Design, Programming or Testing

 Game design normally starts from an idea that someone has for a new game or maybe a follow up to an existing game that has proven to be very popular. The game is not the work of one person and initially the game designer would discuss with the other team members what direction the design for the game should take.

A document is prepared to outline what the game is about. What characters are involved and what rules are to be implemented. Game Design is all about creativity and coming up with ideas to make it better. The actual mechanics of the game would be discussed and dealt with as the development of the game takes shape. It is almost like a story board that is used by film directors before shooting a movie. Video Game Testing plays a very crucial role in the development of the game before it is released to the public.


This function is designed to iron out any problems that may affect the enjoyment for the consumer. Video Game Testing may seem like a dream job for a lot of people but it requires a great degree of attention to detail and good communication skills to enable you to relay to the rest of the team any bugs or problems that have been found.

The testing begins as soon as the first part of the game is ready and is an ongoing process designed to fix problems as soon as possible. Testing does not only involve actual playing of the game, it may require the game to be left on pause or stopped for prolonged periods to see if this has any effect on it. Basically any scenario that could happen when the game is being played by the consumer will be tested and reported on. 


Game Programming does not just consist of one person. There may be a whole team to work on the game depending on its complexity.

The lead programmer will work with graphic designers, modelers and other programmers to construct the game. The type of programming involved will depend on whether the game is designed for the PC or a particular console such as the Playstation 3 or Xbox. The language will be decided by the lead programmer to take account of the ultimate format of the game. Game programming is becoming more and more complex as the aspirations of the consumer demands newer and more innovative games.


The development of a video game demands very high standards form everyone in the team from game design to game programming through to the video game testerFeature Articles, all must be very professional in their approach as a great deal of money is now invested in these games. The futures of all concerned could very well hinge on the success or failure of the next project.


Gameplay of World of Tanks


The World of Tanks game is not only about simulator and also about some parameters. It is quite simplified game. The game controls are very user-friendly. There are almost 500 vehicles in this game. This game has released in 2010. This game can be converted from free experience to usable experience.

There are many techniques to play this game. Player must know about active and passive scout. Passive scouting sometimes becomes a really tricky process.To play World of Tanks, you will need a good equipment and crew. If you play this game with full potential, then you can play this deadly game correctly. Passive scouting can be possible when a light or scout tank exploits. You can stay behind the bushes and kill your enemies. At this point of time, your enemies will not even fire in any of the spotted tanks. The active scouting is the most enjoyed tactics by the players.

Active Scouting
The active scouting will need a scout for moving around a map. You can spot enemy team and make them out of the game with this technique. You can light up your enemies and hit them. This method of World of Tanks is really effective. If you work correctly in this method, then you can re-position yourself in the game. You can support and give some shots in the enemy tanks. Once these enemy tanks will be weakened, you can start your killing blow. Sometimes moving crews can be really difficult. You can overcome this problem with the help of correct technique.

A player needs crews for playing this game. There are some tricks and options for having crews with the progress of tires. Crews can have base experience that ranges within 50% to 100% in this World of Tanks game. You must save credits before even moving to the tire 3. It will help you to move the crew which you can also use in the credit choice. If your crew is in 50%Computer Technology Articles, then you can get them up to 75%+. You can also use gold for spending in it. Gold option can keep almost 100% of your crew.


Game Development – Designing the Best Characters for your Game


An important part to nearly every video game is the characters present in the game. Players need fun characters that they can identify with to keep the game exciting and interesting.


Just like people, some video game characters are more widely recognized than others. Think about video games that you know of and the characters within the game. More than likely you remember the game because of the characters within it. Video games allow players to take on the role of that specific character during the game.

The fact is that when it comes to gaming, in most cases a game is memorable not only for its plot and action, but the game’s characters as well.


The goal behind any video game is to create an experience that is unique. During Game Development, developers work to ensure that the game is different from other games on the market. There are so many different games available today that the Game Design of each game truly must be spectacular, or else no one would ever buy it. Gamers want new storylines, characters, and game effects to enjoy. With this said, most video game companies are well aware of the importance of designing the best video game characters possible.


All companies want to be able to create a game that is memorable because of the overall design, but are aware that the characters play an undeniably large part in the success of a game. When it comes to character design, it’s important to give your character a shape that will stick in his or her mind. For example, Super Mario; consider how popular this game has become. This is because people know what Mario looks like.


Anyone can probably look at a picture and know when they are looking at Mario. Since technology today has improved greatly from that used in the late 90’s, many gaming companies have decided to not only make dynamic and charismatic characters, but ones that are enhanced with bright vivid colors, high-definition effects, and even 3D effects. Referring back to Mario, in today’s world he is no longer a 2D flat character on your screen.


Instead he has evolved into a 3D character with a face anyone could recognize. Any game character that has made it out of the 2D world and into the new 3D truly shows character design at its best. This is because game developers and Game Testers have been able to perfect technology of today while still keeping the old gaming character’s persona alive.


Creating game characters can be hardComputer Technology Articles, and it takes a lot of work and skill. Game developers want to come up with relatable characters; they want characters that gamers can put a name to quickly. Games that create memorable characters will be more likely to succeed than games without memorable characters.


The Mystery of Game Testers


This article is a guide to what it takes to be a game tester. It will present the reasons why one should consider being a game tester and the necessary skills that are required to be successful in the game development world. One will also find tips on how to become one of the few game testers.


The industry of game design has been concentrating more on the visual aspect of gaming. Technological developments of the gaming world have been concerned with the way the game appears to the players.

Most technologies are concerned with the responses of the gaming characters and attempt to make them appear as realistic as possible. The visual technologies have always tried to generate the best when it comes to visual Game Design. Game development experts have been incorporating the technologies used in television industries such as high definition and 3D in their games such that when the consoles are connected to compatible screens, they can portray a picture perfect moment.


Before a game can be rolled out, it needs to be tested by individuals called game testers. To gamers this is a privilege that is rare to come by. The game tester is responsible for analyses of the performance of the game and the detection of problems in the gaming device that is being developed.


There is a general desire in young gamers to start their careers as game testers, unfortunately not everyone knows what is needed to get into a successful track in game testing. There are several paths in Game Development that one can take to be a game developer or designer but all of these paths involve taking courses. This can be a little bit tricky. The career of Game Testers is loved by many for its simplicity, especially to gamers. The work of a tester involves sitting down, playing a newly developed game for endless hours and being paid for it. The general idea is that game testing is a career in game development that has both the advantage of being fun and financially rewarding.


However, the requirements of being a tester are far greater than being a hardcore gamer and thus some knowledge in the industry is required first for a successful career. The skills that are needed in being a tester are: excellent gaming abilities, a keen eye for detail, and proper communication skills. These are the skills that are needed in game testing for the game design industry relies on the testers to notice the glitches in their games and to highlight them so the game developers can work on them.


Without the help of game testers, the game development industry would fall to pieces since they may more than likely produce subpar games that will not be appreciated at all by the market. Although the game testing career seems especially lucrative as one doesn’t have to be a college graduate to be hiredComputer Technology Articles, getting the job itself is a different question.


One needs to be in the know about the companies that are hiring as they do not advertise for game testers opportunities in the classified sections. Another option is to be a member of game testing sites such as gametestingground and bagt in order to get the highlights of the gaming world and hear about the progress made in the industry.


Provision of Game Art Services and Smartphone Game Development


There are numerous things involved in providing game art services for game makers. Developing games for smart phones has its own set of stipulations.


In providing game art services, one needs to consider all the different types of games that game manufacturers can possibly be creating. There are numerous types of games for which game art services can be provided, one, of the casual type, being hidden object games. Hidden object games involve a player looking for hidden pictures or objects hidden within a larger picture.


This is one of the most popular genres of casual games and it takes considerable creativity to strive in an industry of designers. For this game to be successful the person creating this game’s art needs to build in it such a way as to demand that players pay strict attention to the image before them.

Other casual game types include arcade games, racing games, word games, strategy games, etc. A provider’s game art services can include the design of game menus, logos, icons, 2D and 3D characters and animation, hidden object backgrounds, game effects, etc. Game artists are expected to provide game art to game creators that will stand out from the rest of the pack.


When a developer sets his/her sights on Android Game Developmentthere are some steps that need to be taken to ensure the success of the game. The developer will need to investigate device classes and select a device class to target with their game. These classes are decided with regard to graphics performance and CPU and this will obviously affect your game design. The developer will need to decide on a programming language with which to build their game, which should be a fairly easy decision for developers since they know what they are best at. Then design your game to be successful and to make you the profits that you want from it.


Developers involved in iPhone Game Development need to what can and what cannot be allowed in the realm of game development for iPhone from a technical but more so from a personal standpoint. Developers need to make a point of not leaving important pieces of the game design for last for example sound. Make sure that you don’t leave gamers without the knowledge of one’s impending game release. It is crucial not to spend valuable time designing a game solely for profit, one needs to enjoy the task of creating the game itself or the risk exists for it to end up being a bad product.


Do avoid the negative comments that others may throw out during the game’s development. These discouragements and distractions are simply pointless and will not benefit the end product. While criticism and lessons learned play important roles to playArticle Search, it must be ensured that further research is done in the field of game development as well as with the product itself.


The Gamers Dream Ad - Game Tester Wanted


It's a game player's dream, finding out that there is a game tester wanted at his favorite game company. Please read the Game Testing Ground Review for more...


It's a game player's dream, finding out that there is a game tester wanted at his favorite game company. If you'd like to make a career in a game firm, perhaps move up someday to a supervisor or manager, you'd be off to a good start if your first job with the firm was as a game tester. College students often try game testing part time to make some extra money for school, but also to see if the business is really right for them as a career.


It's not unheard of for a part time game tester, working from the dining room table at home or at the frat house, to become respected for finding bugs in the software and helping software programmers fix them. Testers this good get noticed by management and could find themselves installed in an office at the game company, working full time as a QA specialist. It is exciting to think about a career in such an exciting industry.


Don't make the common mistake of thinking that a beta game tester has to be a superior game player. The game company doesn't want your game playing skills; the game testers wanted by them must have the ability to think abstractly and pay attention to details. If you have good English communication skills, can meet deadlines promptly, and can learn how to play the different games well enough to test them, you could be the type of video game tester wanted by the big game companies. A game tester is really an investigator searching out problems to report to the programmer.


While the job itself offers some exciting possibilities, don't expect to be operating at a fever pitch at all times. Playing the same game over and over again can become boring after a while, but that's the way testers find problems, by repetitive playing and challenging the limits of the game. If gaming is your hobby and are thinking that a career as a beta game tester would be a challenging and exciting, remember that the video game testers wanted by top game companies are not expected to enjoy playing the game, but to carry out assignments to the best of their ability for the purpose of improving the game company's products by helping to make them error free.


Occasionally you'll see an ad in the Sunday paper employment classifieds saying beta game testers wanted. Sometimes they're legitimate and sometimes they are scams. One gamer tells the story of being taken in by an advertisement that offered a free software application that would help him to find contacts in the big name game companies. There was no charge, but he needed to pay $20 to file an application with Microsoft. Of course it was a scam. They managed to get another $80 from him before he wised up.


Scams like that are always out there, but that fact shouldn't discourage one from trying to get into the field. Recruiters are always looking for specific skills. Find out what those skills are and prepare your resume and application to respond as much as possible to those needs. There are a lot of opportunities for game testers out there. When there is a game tester wanted out thereFree Reprint Articles, there's no reason why the job cannot have your name on it.